Welcome to Treasures Unleashed, our mission is to unify communities through entertainment. We utilize creative expression through the arts to motivate and empower individuals through creativity. We specialize in Event Production, Theater Programs for the youth, Photo-shoots, and producing empowering content in both video and audio. 


About the Founder 

I'm Dorothy Dominque, originally from Petite Rivere De Nippes, Haiti. A mother, a creative butterfly and a humanitarian with a calling to be present in the community and the lives of our youth seeking direction.  Treasures Unleashed started with my journey towards healing and truth. As a child, I had the spiritual gift of an empath, feeling others' emotions and energies. However, life growing up was harsh and filled with childhood trauma.


I carried the pain and anger caused by past trauma and spiritual warfare, leaving me drained. As I got older, I started to understand my truth and begin my purpose in healing because I no longer wanted to be enslaved by pain. I started my journey to uncovering my truth and reconnecting with my internal self. I manifested Treasures Unleashed to help others along their path to self-discovery! I have helped individuals from all walks of life. If you are ready, then we're here for you. You're right on time.